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Josh leaves The Subways

Today we announce the beginning of a new chapter for The Subways. After a period of reflection, Josh, the band’s drummer and founding member of The Subways, for family reasons, has made the hard decision to step away from the band. This decision, though not at all easy for anyone, feels like the correct one. Josh has nevertheless completed drum contributions for The Subways' upcoming album, which is due to be mixed at the end of the year, with a potential release scheduled for early-2022 (*post Covid*). However, he will not take part in any of The Subways' promotion or touring plans going forward. We all wish Josh the very best with regard to his future plans. Goomusic remains his close friend & manager, and we know that there are musical gems in the pipeline from the hairy lunatic. I urge you all to post, with so much love, messages and pictures for him…” (

Ben, Goomusic Management, The Subways (Photo Credit Stuart Nicholls - ‘Josh’s Drum Kit Destruction - Reading Festival, 2007’)

The Subways will be continuing with a new drummer, to be announced when the time is right.


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