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A selection of our videos chosen by us...

Good Times (2015)

This wonderful late-summer video, directed by Libby Burke Wilde, was filmed at several international festivals that we played in the summer of 2015. 

Taking All The Blame (2015)

This new video was directed by award winning German director Sebastian Stern. Filmed in Munich and Berlin this stylish video uses an innovated technique of projecting the band’s performance onto footage of a couple midst a relationship breakdown walking the streets of nighttime Berlin. This creates a stunning visual effect as the textures of the clothes and movements of the protagonists mix and interact with the projections.

4our - A Documentary Short
Part 1 (2014)

In his documentary short Aly Hirji captures the essence of what playing as The Subways means to Billy, Charlotte and Josh as they began their first tour of the UK for two years. As they approach the 10th anniversary of their first album 'Young for Eternity' the band discuss the writing & recording but also reflect on the realities of touring, and of each other, whilst the crew reveal exactly what they think of the band!

My Heart Is Pumping To A Brand New Beat (2014)

Our new video has been created by Steven Mertens, a Director and Animator based in Los Angeles. With his craft rooted in stop-motion animation, he Employs the “multi-plane” method first developed by Walt Disney Studios in the 1930’s. With this Steven creates fantastic worlds and abstract stories from cut out paper...

We Don't Need Money To Have A Good Time (2011)

We recorded this with one of our favourite directors Blake Claridge. He did our first even video for At 1AM and we grow up together in the industry. He's gone on to establish himself as a greatly respected director and it was a pleasure to work with him again. He used a GoPro a lot on the fast moving shots and took us to some crazy locations. It was an amazing and very long day!!

Rock & Roll summer (2009)

In preparation for this summers festivals check out a compilation video we recorded a few years back. We hope you go just as crazy this time around!

Shake! Shake! (2008)
(Official viral video)

Blake Claridge's viral puppet video for Shake! Shake! proved to be one of our favorite ever videos! 

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