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Watch the 8-bit video game inspired music video for 'Love Waiting On You' + single b-side released!

Watch the brand new 8-bit video game styled video for 'Love Waiting On You', released today

Brand new track 'Sign Of Scorpio' has also been added added to the 'Love Waiting On You' single streams!

And remember we are currently launching the pre-order for our new album 'UNCERTAIN JOYS’! (Look out for the Ltd editions!)

“I was approached to create an animated video to compliment this track. The song’s lyrics describe pining for the love of one's life, however the relationship is fraught with tension so I envisaged telling the story through the simplicity of an old 80s/90s arcade video game. Our protagonist is trapped in his virtual cell waiting for the female heroine (the princess) to come to his rescue. Each time they almost reconnect she is whisked away to another level and so it continues. This explores the notion of whether they should be together or be better off apart. I had great fun designing the band members as 8-bit characters as well as designing the princess and various levels for our heroes to venture through. Setting the game in mediaeval times helped me to subvert the usual tired traditions of the prince rescuing the princess and play around with audience expectations.”

Neil Whitman, Director / Animator

"When the director, Neil Whitman, initially presented us with the conceit of the video as an 8-bit platform-style video game, our drummer Camille cleverly proposed that, given how the song is so obviously about yearning, why not instead have the rescuer and rescued gender roles reversed to change things up. Running with this, I saw myself as the Princess Peach character, with the love of my life (about whom the song is written) being my rescuer, fighting through the various obstacles and antagonists along the way. The sense of isolation, helplessness, and vulnerability within the song now made all the more sense to me. However, whilst it's not always correct to assume that one person should come to the rescue of another in a relationship, my belief in the hopelessly romantic/pathetic notion that lifelong soul mates do in fact exist is woven into the very fabric of my being. And so, when at the end of the video my rescuer realises that it is only the will to love that is required to come to my aid, as opposed to having to fight through strife, battles, and failures, I knew that Neil understood the depth of my belief in this notion."

Billy Lunn, The Subways


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