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Our new album 'Uncertain Joys' is to be launched at a 3 night party in London! 11/12/13th Jan 23

Dear all! We can't quite put into words how excited we are about the upcoming release of our fifth album, Uncertain Joys. And so, ditching the words, we decided to instead celebrate it with an event! We've therefore prepared a super-intimate, three-night festival at Paper Dress Vintage, London. Access to all three nights is a mere £25! Currently planned for the festival, we have:

11th Jan - Billy Lunn acoustic, Lilith Ai, The Yes Mess + Lux Jury (£10 for this night only)

12th Jan - "The Subways Recommend". We've asked three of our favourite new bands (ARXX, CATBEAR, and ADULT FICTION to perform (£10 for this night only)

13th Jan - THE SUBWAYS + The Molotovs (£20 for this night only)

Tickets for single evenings will be made available, but we'd personally recommend purchasing the special three-night access pass for only £25. Come and join us in celebration of Uncertain Joys!

Tickets are available on DICE or on TICKETPASS


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