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New single 'LOVE WAITING ON YOU' out today!

We are delighted to announce that our new single 'Love Waiting On You' is out today!

" ‘Love Waiting On You’ is about the tension between desperately wanting to be with the one you desire and yet also relishing the suspense in being kept from them. From the confines of my bed on tour (or in my rooms at uni), I would yearn for the love of my life, waiting for her messages to ping on my phone, hoping to hear her voice at the end of the line, desperate to feel her touch. Caught in those moments, there was a joyful pain that made seeing her again unimaginably beautiful. Still, there was something wild and ecstatic about missing her so much.” BILLY LUNN

We are also launching the pre-order for our new album 'UNCERTAIN JOYS' Today. CLICK HERE FOR NOW INFO


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