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Brand new LTD ED. Digital Pressing released of 'Uncertain Joys'

For the first time ever we have released a Digital Pressing of or new album 'Uncertain Joys' Launched today at 6pm UK& limited to only 100 copies!

We're delighted to be teaming up with Serenade, to release a limited edition Digital Pressing of Uncertain Joys. Digital Pressings are a brand new way of owning music in an eco-friendly digital format. Ownership of our digital release will unlock access to exclusive voice notes from us, detailing the stories behind the tracks, alongside never before seen behind the scenes images, 2 acoustic tracks & an exclusive alternative artwork cover. As an owner you can also sell on your pressing at a later date, if you receive offers. Grab your copy now for £20 (only 100 available!) and for more information about Digital Pressings, head here.

Product link (which will go live at 6PM GMT, 16/01/23):


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