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Alcopopacruiser new date announced! 29th Oct 21, Billy acoustic set + 3 fab bands 'on a boat b*t*h!'

A message from the good ship Alcopopcruiser...

Dear chums thank you so very much for being understanding with all the shenanigans a-happening on the great ship Alcopopacruiser. It was rough out there, and the wolves of the sea were upon us. But like a salmon arcing right through the middle of two clumsy bear claws, gills all aglow as they make their way to the spawning grounds, we bloody made it...

Good news! Friday 29th October is the new date of the best party on water. Even better news is that Billy Subways is back in with an acoustic set. Plus sets from Tellison, Dream Nails & Beach Riot

and 50% of every booking fee goes to a charity as chosen by the ticket buyer


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