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Rehearsals at YFE Studios - In the live room! Photos & Billy update!

So, with summer festivals of 2019 all done and dusted (and what a time we all had, eh), we're now back in Y.F.E. Studios to begin recording proper for album five! Josh has been working hard laying down his drum parts for three new songs, and they're sounding delightful. He's also been having lots of fun watching the latest season of Archer, which is on rotation in the control room whilst we bicker over which snare will be best to punch our ears into oblivion. Pretty soon we'll have Charlotte recording her bass parts -- and she has a new bass pedal to try out. Very exciting! With each new recording session, two new songs spring to life, so I think we'll have lots from which to choose when it comes to the final track listing. Anyway, I'd better get back on with studio work. I have two new preamps and compressors arriving very soon. All these new toys! Should make for an exciting album. Much love, people, and I'll keep you all updated. Billy xxx

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