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Goodbye for now....

Hey guys!

So we played our last festival of the summer a few days ago! Thank you all SO MUCH for this amazing festival season, 2016 - and for the last two years as we toured our fourth studio album.

We'll now be taking a few years off to write, record and mix our fifth studio album, and we're all very excited because we now have our very own studio (YFE Studios), which we think will make the process all that much easier than it was recording the fourth all by ourselves wherever we could find the time and space. I've also bought a whole new set of recording equipment, mics, guitars, amps, etc. Fun, fun, fun! Let's unleash the creativity!

I'll also be reading an English BA at the University of Cambridge for three years in the process, so it's bound to be a busy and inspiring campaign. Alongside this, Charlotte will be rocking the athletics world as she competes in her marathons and iron man events, and Josh will be playing LOTS of hours of video games (hehe)!

We'll keep you all updated, and we hope you'll keep us updated on how you are all getting on. Thank you all again so much for the support. You are our lives!



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