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Southside Festival - Cancelled!

It is with a very heavy heart that we pass on the information that our performance at this years festival and indeed all the remaining performances have been cancelled due to ongoing bad weather. We hope everyone is safe. Our thoughts are with you all xx

Official festival statement...

Southside Festival cancelled after break due to heavy thunderstorms

Southside Festival, which takes place from June 24th to 26th in Neuhausen ob Eck, cannot be continued on Saturday and Sunday. After a very hot day the festival was interrupted due to thunderstorms early in the evening. At 8:15 pm the visitors were requested to go to their cars and stay there to be protected from lightning. The thunderstorm became very intense with heavy rain and wind intensities up to 100 km/h.

Hans-Jürgen Osswald, Mayor of Neuhausen ob Eck: “To my knowledge this has been the worst thunderstorm that ever hit our community.”

As the rain continued for several hours and more thunder cells appeared, the visitors were asked to remain in their cars. Round about 3.000 visitors have been escorted to emergency shelters in the area of Tuttlingen.

The visitors had been provided with water and snacks by the medical service, the fire department and the promoter. After the review of the current situation at the festival site it occurred that the Southside Festival can no longer be continued in regards of safety for the visitors.

Beside that more thunderstorms have been forecasted for Saturday, June 25th. Therefore the festival promoter FKP Scorpio and the authorities in charge request the visitors to leave the festival site on Saturday.

25 visitors have been slightly injured during the thunderstorm and brought to the hospital in Tuttlingen. Five of them remain for observation. To present knowledge 57 slightly injured visitors had been treated at the festival site with no need for further treatment.

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