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Harlow Square - Summer show announced

We've booked a special summer show as the fight to save The Harlow Square continues!! 23rd June 2016. Tickets and info...…/23-jun-16-the-subways-the…/

When, in 2008, The Square - Harlow was taken over by a group of people (SquareOne) who were willing to devote their heart, soul, time and energy into giving back to The Square what The Square had given them for over 25 years, it was only ever with the intention of continuing for another six months - that was until a new venue could be found in Harlow where music and the arts in Harlow could thrive for the next 50 years. Eight years later, The Square closed its doors for the last time after hosting some of the world's biggest names under its roof - until now.

After Harlow Council's Development Management Committee deemed Circle's redevelopment of the site unsatisfactory, the building has been sat unused for five months, and demand (via petitions, letters to the council, attendance at council meetings, etc) for The Square to reignite the spark it gave us all has flourished. In light of this, SquareOne has decided to reopen the original building with volunteers to demolish and improve the interior to start putting gigs on again. This is so far only a temporary solution to an ongoing issue - nevertheless, it is with a swelling, bubbling, proud and excited heart that we proclaim that we shall once more walk through the doors of The Square, set up, plug in, and make some serious noise - like we have done at least once every year these last fifteen years.

In the words of SquareOne, "The story is far from over, so let's get writing this next chapter." Hopefully we'll see you all there on 23rd June!


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