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We´re happy to announce the track titles of PART 2 of our new record "The Subways"!

This is what Billy´s says about Track 7-12:

7) Just Like Jude: "I wrote this song after reading Thomas Hardy's 'Jude the Obscure', and really sympathised with Jude's desperate longing to feel a part of something, to feel wanted and to want. Also, he desperately wanted to study at university, which is what I want to do one day too!" 8) We Get Around: "This is another song taken from our very early days, before 'Young For Eternity', and it's basically a song that we felt was important then, and is more important now, because we are a band who do things our way, and we have fun doing it too!" 9) Pet Boy: "I wrote this song in a very bad part of my life, where I felt very sorry for myself and desperately wanted to thrash out my bad feelings." 10) Black Letter: "I love the font of Black Letter, and how it looks so beautiful and yet seems like it can be used for something very evil too. That's what inspired the song." 11) Twisted Game: "This is a song about the music industry, and how it all seems so perfectly glamorous, but really it's as flippant and unknowing as any other industry. Half of the time no-one knows what they're doing. People right at the top, anyway." 12) Is That Enough?: "Is anything ever enough?"

(Remember if you pre-order the album NOW you can get 6 tracks (PART1) straight away! The full album release date is Feb 2015.)


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